Sunday, June 29, 2008

Emergency Fundraiser!!! Transport 53 may not be!


Transport 53
Is in Danger of being Cancelled!!!!

52 Puppies and 3 adult dogs sit and wait as the transport date comes closer and closer. Only $65.00 has been raised - not nearly enough to commit to another litter of Puppy Promises puppies.

What happens if this transport doesn't go?
1 adult and 7 puppies are safely out of the shelter, but will have to wait another month to go.

But the more pressing matter is the other 45 puppies who are hopefuls for the Puppy Promises Program. It is an innovative program where the Pups are intercepted from being dumped at the shelter. The owner is offered a "deal" - if they will keep the pups at home for just 14 days longer, SSP will vaccinate the puppies, transfer them to rescues, and not only spay Momma Dog, but the rest of the cats and dogs in the house, snuffing out unwanted litters and future dumps at the pound.

What happens when a Puppy Litter cannot sign up for Puppy Promises? Or what's more - what happens when the transport isn't going to go off in time?

One Puppy Promises Hopeful Litter has been surrendered to the pound. The family decided it was too long to wait. They didn't even bother to contact us first.

And ONE ADULT dog who a Puppy Promises family asked for help with is also in danger of being dumped!

We need to raise funds for these puppies ASAP.

We broke things down and it costs $45.00 for each puppy - to vaccinate, to transport to rescue, and to spay Mom and the other dogs and cats in the house.

If you contribute $25.00 or more, you can name a puppy!"width="200">

Some others Too Shy for Camera....or photos coming soon

45 Puppies
Amount Needed: $45 Each x 45 Pups = $2025
Raised so far: $0

Still raising Funds for:

Josie's 7 Puppies
Amount Needed: $315
Raised so far: $35

Amount Needed: $200
Raised so far: $25



or send funds to fundraising@savingshelterpets. com

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