Friday, August 29, 2008

It is not all rainbows and puppy kisses-- a week in the life of SSP's Transport Committee

We had so much to tell everyone but with all that was going on we did not have an extra minute to post every single thing that has happened in the past week or so. To begin, we are not sure if everyone knows or not but every single member of SSP on the BOD and the Transport Committee are volunteers. Some of the members work 50+ hours a week and then spend many hours diligently working to get: the SSP Transports on the road, the Spay and Neuter Clinics organized, the Puppy Promises Moms and other pets spayed and neutered. On top of this there are children to feed and to run to activities, there are pets to feed and love, husbands, and parents who need care. There are also illnesses, injuries and other issues life throws in the way but the Transport Committee perseveres, works together, and covers for each other to save as many lives as possible.

Recently, it seems every email we open and every call we answer is bad news, sad news or horrible news. After a while it would crush even the strongest of spirits. The TC is just amazing, they mourn, they cry (even rant a bit) but then for the sake of all the pets they get back to the business of saving lives.

We are not sure where to begin, except to say the highlight of the week was the rescue of Blue and the arrival of Transport #56 in the Northeast. YA GOOD NEWS!!! When Blue was being pulled the volunteer saw Colleen, a horribly emaciated Collie/Golden Mix. She is supposed to weigh 55-60lbs but she clocked in at 32.4lbs. The volunteer broke the rules and pulled Colleen out of the shelter. So far she is doing well but she needs money for her vet care. These were the good things this past week.

It has been a horrible, horrible week of loss for SSP. Someone purposely poisoned two of the Puppy Promises Puppies, six puppies from another litter mysteriously disappeared, an owner gave away two of his litter and another owner gave away one of his, the Rottie Pup did not survive his ordeal and finally a mom, Hazel and her five puppies were pulled from a shelter on their last moment YAY! Great news! But then the ENTIRE!! Family is positive for parvo. Four of the five puppies are surviving but one wee one lost his battle against the deadly disease.

Then the news that is so incredibly heartbreaking that it can not be said without crying, SSP lost our little Hanson. The only saving grace is that Hanson did not die alone; he died in his foster mom�s arms as she told him how much he was loved. The poor little guy was only two of a litter of 8 to survive parvo. His brother went to his rescue but Hanson just was not strong enough. He was under constant vet care to try to figure out what was ailing him. It is so heart breaking to know that all the love in the world and all the medical attention could not save this young life. The entire TC is beyond devastated at his loss. We will not even discuss the mounting medical bills. We are very concerned that we will not be able to do another van after the Sept 9th one due to lack of funds.

And these are just a few stories, there are quite a few more instances of bad news but we feel that these incidents are more than enough to truly explain exactly what the SSP Transport Committee deals with every day.

We want you to know how much we appreciate your support, be it emotional, technical or financial. Knowing there are caring people out there who understand what we do and the toll it takes on every one of us, means more than words can say. You help us to stay strong and to keep going through the tears and the loss.

About Saving Shelter Pets:
Saving Shelter Pets (SSP) strives to eliminate euthanasia as a method of population control for homeless companion animals, by providing no-kill alternative solutions and pro-actively addressing the problem of pet overpopulation.

SSP is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization with supporters nationwide. Please see our FAQs for more information.

NOTE: The animals pictured in this or any other message are NOT available for adoption. We do not have the resources to properly screen adoptive homes. We send our dogs and cats to pre-approved no-kill rescues in the Northeast, and these rescues will then adopt them into wonderful forever homes.

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