Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy Updates Continued!

Gunther’s Story, Part 2

Back in May we gave an update on Gunther, a collie-mix from Transport #79. This poor pooch spent night and day outside in the dirt chained to a tree. Now to be fair, his owner had all sorts of animals ‘dumped’ on her doorstep, which created an overwhelming situation with no clear solution. Fortunately, with her cooperation, the combined efforts of three rescue/shelter organizations and a lot of perseverance on his part, Gunther finally got off his chain and found a home with a loving family in Connecticut. Hooray Gunther! Recently, more information on our happy update collie-mix has surfaced and is definitely worth mentioning…

Moving to Connecticut and receiving lots of attention has apparently done a world of good for Gunther. His family says he’s gone from 18lb (in April) to a whopping 31lb (as of August). And the timid, suspicious boy who initially shied away from his new family is now outgoing and affectionate with them and any other people he meets. This, I’m sure, is due to the inspiring dedication of his family to not only love and shelter him, but consistently interact with and socialize him.

It’s apparent that Gunther had made a difference in their lives too. His family ‘mom’ now volunteers weekly at the shelter where they found him. And his ‘dad’ bubbles with enthusiasm as he describes Gunther’s transformation. He praises Gunther’s happy demeanor and affection, and he credits Gunther with adding much enjoyment to the family’s everyday life. He is their constant companion on walks around town or during quiet times at home. They play a dog’s version of tag or keep-away in the yard. Gunther even gets on well with the other two rescues in the house, two cats.

An almost overwhelming amount of effort goes into the rescue process. Candidate animals are identified through volunteer/shelter networks, temporary shelters and vetting are arranged, destination shelters are identified, transportation is scheduled, and FINALLY the process of rehabilitating these stressed, confused and exhausted animals and finding them permanent homes is begun. However, I’m sure that every night when Gunther lays his head down on his cozy doggy bed beside his family, he is very overwhelmed with thankfulness.

As always, THANK YOU for your encouragement and support!

About Saving Shelter Pets:
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