Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Easy instructions on how to vote 3 times a day!

Follow these simple instructions to vote for us 3 times a day so that Saving Shelter Pets can win a $25,000 grant this October in the Pepsi Refresh contest

METHOD 1: Vote Online (EMAIL)

  1. Go to
  2. On the bottom left corner (blue bar), click on the “Sign In” button
  3. Type in your e-mail address and be sure to select “No, I am new Here” (unless you already have an account)
  4. Select “Sign In” to move to the next screen & complete the requested info (only takes 1 minute to register!)
  5. Complete all of the requested information
  6. Click “Done” to complete your registration
  7. Vote for Saving Shelter Pets (and our 4 animal friends). It’s quick and simple. Just click all 5 “Vote for this Idea” buttons.

METHOD 2: Vote Online (FACEBOOK)

  1. Sign into Facebook
  2. Then go to
  3. Click “Vote for This Idea” on any of the animal groups listed
  4. Click the blue “Login in with Facebook” button
  5. VOTE for ALL 5 organizations listed. It’s quick and simple. Just click all 5 “Vote for this Idea” buttons.
  6. If you have extra time, go to each group’s page and leave a comment to let them know you’re voting for them!

METHOD 3: Vote by Texting

  1. Compose text messages TO: 73774
  2. In the message section, type: 102190 ( this is Saving Shelter Pets’ number)
  3. Hit SEND

Sign up for a daily email reminder to vote throughout October:

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